045869 SBO-SW

Cable operation
Accessories for float switch SW

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Cable operation
Accessories for float switch SW
Product range Accessories
Basic function Cable operation kit
Notes Equipment supplied: 1 cable eye bolt
2 Guide pulley
4 cable clamps, incl. screws
10 m steel cable (plastic-sheathed)
1 Counterweight
Operating ambient temperature min.

The function is defined by moving the pivot point or flipping the lever arm at the installation location:

Pump full:

Pivot point on right

Pump dry:

Pivot point on left (state of delivery


① Stroke② Level difference  

The actuation force is produced by the float weight and the counterweight and is transmitted to the switching lever via the cable clamps attached to the wire rope.

Operating ambient temperature max. -25 °C
Type of electrical accessory +70 °C
Type of mechanical accessory Other